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Your friend from high school has launched a startup... an old colleague is traveling the world... if they can do it, you can too! Once you have a plan for the future, you will have the peace of mind to live in the moment.
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Case Studies

Chasing your dream? Starting a family? Opening your own business? Traveling the world? If they can do it, you can too. Watch our series of case studies to see how different goals call for different financial planning strategies.

Ice cream dream

Since she was a child, Emily had longed to drive an ice cream truck around Hong Kong to bring happiness to people. By taking the ice cream truck resolutely with active saving, Emily found that controlling expenses is the hardest part to realize her dream. Now that she’s running her own ice cream business, what is her blueprint for the future? And how does she prepare her financial plan?​

Working mother planning for the future

Chloe is a mother of three. She has to take care of her family while running her own startup, a belly cast design business. How does she manage her time and finances?

Making innovation their business

After Kevin, Emile and Marcus got their MBAs, they teamed up to develop bone conduction technology and founded Origami Labs, a start-up that is bringing innovative bone conduction smart rings to market. What kind of obstacles have they encountered along the way? And how do they do the financial planning to grow their business steadily?

Quitting your job to travel the world. Sounds like a luxury? Just plan for it, and go for it. Hyatt had been working for 4 years. The competition at her office was so intense, the pressure was reaching breaking point, so she decided to put her career on hold and travel to the South Pole to get away from it all. Since then, her travels have taken her to all 7 continents and 24 countries. It's a big wide world. What kind of financial planning has she done so she can continue to travel and broaden her horizons?

Financial Planning for Beginners

Financial planning seems complicated. Where should you begin? Our Financial Planning for Beginners video series explains the basics of financial planning in just one minute!

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Manulife Financial Planning – The 3 Pillars

Start with the 3 pillars of financial planning. Once you have taken care of the future, you will have the peace of mind to live in the moment.

Build Your Wealth

Long-term planning for growing your wealth.

Protect Your Wealth

Expect the unexpected. Have a comprehensive backup plan, just in case.

Enjoy Your Wealth

Take an extra step to maintain the quality of life you want after your retirement.

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